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Here’s how our home refinance process works:

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Lower My Rate or Payments

One of the most common reasons why you would want to refinance is because you can lower your monthly mortgage payment. A number of reasons exist why refinancing will do this, the most common being a lower interest rate, but that’s not the only one. Here are a few reasons how you can lower your monthly payment:

Lower Your Interest Rate

A lower interest rate can substantially reduce your monthly obligation towards your mortgage payment. A small reduction in your interest rate will yield thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the loan. Interest rates are still at historical lows. Contact us today to get a quote in seconds!

Remove Mortgage Insurance

If you originally financed your home with less than 20% of a down payment, you likely have mortgage insurance you are paying in addition to principal and interest. Refinancing now that you have more equity can remove that additional cost and reduce your monthly payment.

Change from FHA to Conventional

FHA Loans are great to get into a home with less of a down-payment. You might be surprised to see how much money you could save each month by refinancing to a Conventional loan now should you have the equity in the home to do so.

Change The Terms of Your Mortgage

If you have 20 years left on your loan and you refinance to a 30-year loan, you will have lower mortgage payments as you will be borrowing less for a longer period of time.

Consolidate My Debt

That time of the month when you sit down to pay the bills is here, all of them. Instead of writing multiple checks out to different creditors, why not roll that debt into a single loan – your home loan? At Clear Mortgage, we can help you identify the best sources of debt to consolidate and ensure they are neatly packaged into your mortgage payment. You’ll find that you’ll likely spend less per month in addition to simplifying the day you pay your bills. Let us know if you’re ready to start saving today!

Get Cash From My Home

Owning a home has its rewards beyond your claim to property. A home loan can be a valuable financial asset in which you can borrow money to pay for many things. With a Cash-Out Refinance, you can pull out some of the equity you have in your home to:

  • Pay off Debt
  • Remodel
  • Pay for your child’s college tuition
  • Buy a New Car
  • Power your next Investment