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Woodbury, Minnesota

One of Minnesota’s fastest growing cities, Woodbury is now the state’s 9th largest city. The population of close to 70,000 (26,000 households) is projected to reach 88,000 by 2040 and is expected to continue attracting new residents for years to come. It is in close proximity to major employment centers, as well as the St. Croix River Valley, providing a beautiful natural setting and year-round recreational opportunities. Woodbury is known for its attractive residential neighborhoods, which are connected by more than 140 miles of multi-use trails. The city contains approximately 3,100 acres of parkland and eight small lakes, most with public parks and pathways. The city has consistently been recognized nationally as a great place to live, work and thrive. Source


Things To Do In Woodbury:

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Residents and visitors alike can take advantage of the numerous cultural and recreational amenities of the Twin Cities area. Museums, galleries, zoos and nature conservatories are abundant in the region. Numerous historic sites, professional sports (MLB Twins, NFL Vikings, NBA Timberwolves and NHL Wild) and world-class dining and entertainment are available nearby. HealthEast Sports Center in Woodbury offers more than 30 athletic fields as well as a 90,000 square-foot indoor field house and two indoor ice sheets. The complex also has an outdoor refrigerated recreational skating rink. Source

Education in Woodbury

About Woodbury Educational System

Woodbury is served by three independent public school districts. The majority of the city is located in the South Washington County School District 833. The Stillwater Area Schools (District 834) and the North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale (District 622) also provide service to the community. District 833 operates six elementary schools, two junior highs and two senior high schools in Woodbury. District 834 operates one elementary school in northeast Woodbury.  District 622 had no school facilities in Woodbury. Two parochial schools, New Life Academy and St. Ambrose, are located in Woodbury. The city also is home to charter schools, the Math and Science Academy and the Woodbury Leadership Academy. Source

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History of Woodbury:

Woodbury is rich in history!

Originally named Red Rock, after a sacred stone supposedly painted by the famous Dakota Chief Little Crow, the town was renamed in 1859 when the state legislature discovered another Red Rock Township in Minnesota. Woodbury was named after Judge Levi Woodbury of New Hampshire, a friend of the first town board chairman. The first settlers came to Woodbury in 1844. Most of the area’s early settlers migrated from the eastern states and from Germany. Immigrants also came from Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Scotland and Denmark. Over the years the people of Woodbury have contributed in many ways to the rich heritage that the city enjoys today. Source

Woodbury’s Neighborhood

Check out Woodbury’s Neighborhood

Woodbury is committed to maintaining and promoting a wide variety of high quality housing options throughout the city. The city is known for its attractive residential neighborhoods, which are connected by more than 100 miles of multi-use trails and surrounded by 3,000 acres of dedicated park land. Residents have a wide choice of housing, ranging from apartments and townhomes to large-lot estates. Woodbury is located just east of downtown St. Paul, the state’s capital, and is in close proximity to one of Minnesota’s largest employers, 3M, and to the St. Croix River Valley, providing a beautiful natural setting and year-round recreational opportunities. Source

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